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Critical Bits

Sep 10, 2019

Join the Fun Bunch as they head to the beach. Listen along as they make new friends, enjoy some snacks, and get into some sweet surfing action! Will Alex be able to science her way out of this one? Can Gerry even hang 10? Will Kim be able to eat funnel cake?

Joel Ruiz as the GM. Paul Byron, Shannon Strucci, and Shelby...

Sep 6, 2019

Join Brantley on his YouTube channel as he reads from Alex's Worry Journal to let his fans know the origin story of the Fun Bunch!

This is a bonus episode that is meant to used as a recap for season 1 or a way for new fans to jump into season 2 right away.

**This does contain spoilers for episodes 1 to 21!**

Aug 27, 2019

In the finale of Arc 3, the Fun Bunch faces their greatest challenge yet. The results of this night will leave the town of Heavendale and the Fun Bunch changed forever. Prom!!!

Joel Ruiz as the GM. Paul Byron, Shelby Lee, and Shannon Strucci as the players.

Aug 13, 2019

After 20 episodes, the Fun Bunch does the unthinkable. They make an actual plan of attack. Who is gonna be crowned prom king and queen? What theme is going to be the biggest hit? How many puns can Paul come up with? Our heroes head to prom armed with friendship and matching tuxedos.

Joel Ruiz as the GM. Paul Byron,...

Jul 30, 2019

With all the information they've gathered, the Fun Bunch knows what they have to do. It's time to get the band back together again. But, in this case, the band is a series of unconnected NPCs they've come in contact with over 18 episodes. And none of them play any music. So, not really a band at all, just kind of...