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Critical Bits

Oct 22, 2019

After arriving in Bloomingdale, Gerry starts to sweat out metal again. Jodo is back! Join the Fun Bunch as they have a fun afternoon of shopping and mall activities. Will Kim get a giant pretzel? Does Alex recognize that boy? Will Gerry ever stop vomiting up metal people? Can Jodo finally find her place in an infinitely...

Oct 8, 2019

Gerry, on space drugs, finds himself face to face with Hoagie Allin outside of a gas station. Hoagie wants to kill Gerry. Gerry doesn't want to die. Alex, Kim, and Juabe are inside getting snacks. Welcome to the pit.

Joel Ruiz as the GM. Paul Byron, Shelby Lee, and Shannon Strucci as the players.

With special guest...